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The Festival has three stages: Mountain, Lakeside and Discovery.
All performances are free to the public.

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Stages are filled with performing groups from Arizona and surrounding states. Guest artist groups have joined us from Hawaii, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands.

Discovery stage features performers as varied as storytellers, Tahitian drummers, slack key guitar, and more. This is where you get up close and personal in a more intimate stage environment with individual artists and small groups.


Hawaii is represented by both ancient (kahiko) and modern (auana) hula as well as steel guitars and tropical rhythms.  A crowd favorite is when the keiki or children's hula halaus (schools) perform.

Samoa brings the exciting fire dance and energetic slap dance as well as the seated group dances.

Tonga's songs are marvels of a unique harmony. The women's dances are known for their soft, graceful movements while the exuberant men's dances highlight strength and precision.

The drums of the enticing islands of French Polynesia echo across the grounds for the fast moving otea.   No audience can resist Tahiti!

The fierce Maori's dances often tell of past battles.  The wero (challenge) and the haka are men's dances done for intimidation.  The poi balls are used by the women for telling a story.

Hawaii has been called the melting pot of the Pacific. 

While we emphasize Polynesian cultures, we also welcome our neighbors: performers from other Pacific Islands such as Guam, Fiji, Phillippines, Cook Islands and others. 

Two martial arts were developed in Hawaii and are also featured: Hawaii Kenpo and Kajukenbo. Masters and students from the Phoenix area thrill Festival-goers with demonstrations of grace, concentration, and skill.

  Whatever your interest, the Festival's performers will enchant you with rhythm, music, song and dance from the rich cultures of the South Pacific Islands.