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General Information:
Volunteers are needed for the areas listed below. Sign up for a 4 hour shift on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

Go directly to our on-line sign up at azalohafest.volunteerhub.com for position descriptions and shift times.

Volunteers under 18 must complete the paper application form with parents' signature. Volunteer teeshirts are provided as well as refreshments during your shift. Lunch is provided for those who work all day. Free parking will be arranged.

The whole ohana can volunteer! While minimum ages are required in some areas, youth 12 and older are welcome with family members.

GROUPS: Employee groups, service clubs, and families wishing are welcomed. Contact us early to make sure there are spots available for the whole group. Groups wishing to work together in one location should look at Thursday SWAT, Keiki Activities, Stage Crews, and Soda & Water sales positions. Most of these can easily accommodate groups of four to six per shift...larger groups should contact us in advance.

We will validate service hours for school, employers, or other service organizations. Saturday afternoon and Sunday are high need times and service during these times is particularly appreciated.
Volunteers setting up chairs
One of ourThursday SWAT teams setting up Lakeside Stage

SWAT:"Serve With Aloha Team"
If you don't care where you are stationed or what you're doing, and just want to be helpful...SWAT is for you.

SWAT volunteers are flexible, have a 'can-do' attitude and enjoy learning about the various areas that work together to put on a major Festival.

You are needed on Thursday (starting about 3), Friday (various shifts all day) and Saturday or Sunday from 3 p.m. to about 7 p.m..

SWAT Volunteers work closely with the Chairs of the various areas they may be assigned to during their shift.

Performances and Stages: Stage Crew
Stage Crew Volunteers assist groups from check-in time through completion of performance and clearing of the dressing room.

You'll help solve performers' backstage problems, assist in clean-up of the stage or dressing room areas, keep water coolers filled, help with crowd control, and generally any backstage help that is needed.

Stage Crew Volunteers work closely with Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers.
Stage crew volunteers
Sometimes you can see the show too

Helping kids and families is fun!
Keiki Make’n’take Activities
Volunteers assist keiki (kids) and family members to make simple cultural crafts.  All materials are provided. This is the most appropriate area for prospective volunteers under 18.

You'll set out proper materials, monitor use of supplies, teach or assist where needed, and help keep orderly access for all interested in participation in the free activity.

Keiki Volunteers work closely with the Committee chairperson.

Soda & Water Booth Volunteers

Volunteers assist in stocking and icing tubs of soda, pulling out soda for customers, keeping soda booth clean, and inventorying soda stock.

Small groups that want to work as a team (usually 2 to 4) are ideal. Booths are scattered around the event.

Soda volunteers work with their Booth Captain and Committee Chairperson.

Cold hands don't take away smiles!
Aloha Corps volunteers
Ready for the day's questions!
Aloha Corps Volunteers

Aloha Corps volunteers staff our INFORMATION STATIONS and assist the public by handing out program books, answering questions, handling lost and found, giving directions, and collecting surveys.

You'll be assigned to the Information Station and work closely with the Committee Chairperson.

Super Sales Force Volunteers

The Super Sales Force helps customers to buy teeshirts and raffle tickets by helping people with a smile and aloha. Some handling of money may be required and Sales Force Volunteers must be willing to be take the responsibility. Sales from raffle tickets and teeshirts help to keep our Festival a free event.

Sales Force Volunteers work closely with their Chairperson at the station they are assigned.

Super Sales Force Volunteers
'C'mon...buy a teeshirt or Raffle ticket!'
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