Hale Mana'o
(House of Knowledge)

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picture of young girls dancing Learn a hula

Get up close and personal with performers, artists, and other presenters at the "House of Knowledge," where you can ask questions, get involved, and interact with the presenters.

You may find yourself stringing a lei, handling shark's tooth weapons, learning an instrument or a dance, finding out about Hawaiian royalty and palaces, or joining in a sing-along.

teacher and participant playing large drum
Learning to play a Tongan drum

Young men listening to an explanation
Questions being answered

lady laughing while holding a spear, Maori teachers with her and smiling
'I have to do what!?'

Storytellers, bone carvers, voyagers on ocean-going canoes, and tattooists from the Hawaiian and Maori tradition are among those who have presented. The schedule is varied and always interesting.

Each year, the Festival seeks funding to bring specialized expertise and knowledge, with some artists traveling from Hawaii, New Zealand, or other South Pacific islands.

father helping young boy learn to string an orchid on a long lei needle
A little help is needed!

picture of lots of people under a tent learning how to string a lei
Lei making is popular

picture of ladies making lei from green leaves and bougainvillea flowers
Making Haku-style lei

Topics are suitable for all ages, with an emphasis on hands-on or experiential learning whenever possible. Come join us!

picture of man in coloful shirt holding a Samoan fire knife with large shiny blade
Storytelling Samoan style

picture of young man helping little girl to make a lei of candy
'Let me do it!'

picture of Maori artist drawing an example of a tattoo on a young man's back
Demonstrating Maori-stye tattoo

picture of back of young girl pointing to an island on a large map
Discovering geography

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