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Grants from foundations, public institutions, and other non-profit organizations go for programming at the event and other projects

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Grants are competitive and include detailed projected budgets as well as specific program goals and objectives, including measures of how those goals are to be reached.

Different grants target different program areas, with some allowing general support for the expenses associated with producing an event such as staging or sound.

Arts grants will usually fund performer's fees or stipends but other grants may be for things like programs for at-risk youth, educational programs for schoolchildren (especially in low-income areas) or program showcasing cultural diversity.

Most funding agencies do not allow payment of administrative costs like office expenses or storage rental for equipment and/or supplies. (or staff salaries, but as an all-volunteer organization we don't have any paid positions.)

The Festival is always seeking grants to support the annual event as well as other projects which support our reason for existence: To promote cultural awareness and education about South Pacific Islander arts and other cultural practices.

Arizona Arts Commission

Arizona Arts Commission name and logo

We are proud to receive funding from this Commission in its role to support arts programming in Arizona.

Each year, the Festival writes for monies to support our guest artist program and/or program in Hale Mana'o, our cultural education area.