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The Festival is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, meaning your generous donation can be deducted on your income taxes.

Please see details below on ways to offer your support to this cultural event completely and proudly planned and carried out by community volunteers.
A free family event-
now in Tempe
About the organization:
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Cash donation
Your donation goes entirely to the support of producing this event and supporting our purpose of education and awareness about the beauty and richness of South Pacific Islander cultures

Credit card donations via PayPal:
Check donations can be mailed to:
Arizona Aloha Festival
PO Box 24237
Tempe Arizona 85285
Donation of goods or services
If you or your business have a product or service that you would like to donate to the Festival, please contact us by email at aafadmin@azalohafest.org or by phone at 602-697-1824.

The appropriate person will quickly respond and talk to you about your generous offer.
Corporate match for volunteers' donations
Some corporations or businesses have a 'matching gift' program for their employees' donations to the organization(s) where they volunteer. Each donation made is matched by their place of employment

The Festival is happy to validate volunteer hours for any volunteer wishing to set up and donate through their employer's 'matching gift' program.

Please contact us at aafadmin@azalohafest.org with questions.

Current eligible programs:
  • American Express