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We are an all-volunteer organization registered as a charitable non-profit with the IRS. Our mission and purpose is to provide awareness and education about Hawaiian and other South Pacific Islander cultures and heritage.

Besides the weekend’s festivities, we honor our annual Kokua Awardee and provide speakers or teachers for educational programs, support gifts of learning materials to libraries, provide scholarships for cultural awareness programs and education, and support community groups.
The Festival is sustained through support from the community through:    
  • grants and gifts    
  • donations    
  • sponsorships    
  • sales at the event of souvenir teeshirts, soda and bottled water; and our raffle.
Our volunteers include:    
  • the Board of Directors    
  • the Planning Team    
  • the Performers on our stages    
  • and the hundreds of volunteers helping at the event.
  Tax-deductible contributions may be sent to:

Arizona Aloha Festivals, Inc.
P.O. Box 24237
Tempe, AZ 85285

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President at Opening Ceremony

Board of Directors/Officers:
   President - Varen Berryman
   Vice President- Dee Evans
   Secretary/Treasurer - Bob Bacon
   Director - Benny Stillman
   Director - Joel "Naka" Madsen
   Director - Michelle "Hana" Herrera
   Director - Laupanana Iaulualo

All board members and officers serve without compensation, as do all Festival Planning CommitteeTeam members, so that all monies raised go toward the fulfillment of our exempt purpose.

Board member selling teeshirts
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